Augmented Reality Rings



New AR feature automatically detects the base of fingers in real time so women can try on a variety of styles right from their smartphones

Diamond Hedge(, the AR diamond price comparison platform, announced today a new feature for iOS 11 where users can virtually try on engagement rings of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and bands using its augmented reality technology. The feature will also be available on Android within the coming weeks.

How It Works

The feature is an upgrade from the platform’s original virtual try-on capability that allowed users to take a photo of their hand and place a virtual ring on the still image. Now, using the latest AR technology, users see a real-time presentation of their hand movements with a virtual diamond placed automatically at the base of their ring finger.

"Unlike face-detection, hand-detection is a sort of elusive technology that not many companies have experimented with,” Diamond Hedge Founder and CEO Mehul Sompura said. “This technology will disrupt the diamond industry, allowing users to virtually try on engagement rings and simulate an in-person experience."

With Diamond Hedge, women can virtually try on a limitless combination of engagement rings to determine which style they love, while men can filter through over one million diamonds and compare specs and prices across the industry’s top retailers including Blue Nile, Zales, James Allen, Kay and more.

Eliminating Hassles

In his experience, Mehul said he has experienced young men, with a limited knowledge around diamonds,  come into his office with scribbled papers and spreadsheets comparing the prices and qualities of diamonds. And for women, browsing engagement rings can be an awkward experience that’s met with a pushy salesman. Bringing this entire experience online allows couples to discuss what each are looking for and make educated decisions on what is one of the most expensive investments a man makes.

"Being in the diamond industry for over 15 years, I saw first hand the shortcomings between the industry and the consumer," Sompura said. "Especially for men, the process of buying an engagement ring is overwhelming. I wanted Diamond Hedge to bring transparency and convenience to both him and her so that they can find a diamond she’ll love -- and for a fair price."

Demand for Diamonds

Despite claims of diamond sales decreasing among millennials, De Beers released figures pointing to the rise of diamond sales in the U.S. in 2016. In fact, according to Forbes, Americans spent $41 billion on diamonds in 2016 –– a 4.4 percent increase from the previous year. Bringing the experience online while providing price comparison and the virtual try on experience eliminates hours spent searching online and in department stores, making diamond shopping even more accessible –– and less expensive –– to millennials who have come to marrying age.

About Diamond Hedge

Diamond Hedge is an online platform for both him and her to virtually try on, discover, and compare the prices of over 1 million diamonds across the industry’s leading retailers. The company has over $5 billion worth of diamonds on their platform. Founded in 2015, Diamond Hedge is helping couples find her dream ring for the best price and quality. For more information, please visit