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About Us

Diamond Hedge is an independent firm that helps find the perfect diamond for any occasion. We partner with only the top diamond companies in the world to provide you with the best way to narrow down your selection based on cut, clarity, color, carat, price and other diamond specifications in order to compare diamonds side-by-side.

Diamond Hedge is the smart way to shop for diamonds and redefines the process of buying diamonds online.

No two diamonds are exactly the same in every aspect, and aggregates loose diamonds available from the leading jewelry companies we partner with, thus providing the best loose diamond prices available into an easily searchable format.

Diamond Hedge is the world’s first diamond price comparison site for mobile, tablet and desktop. The website introduces a new and innovative way for you to search for your perfect diamond, especially if you are searching for a diamond engagement ring . No other website in the world offers this exclusive technology, thereby allowing the buyer to find a diamond at the best price without any hassle. Begin your search!

What We Do

We simplify the way people shop for diamonds. We assist you in the best way in buying the finest diamond with our platform. Since no two diamonds are the same, our platform compares diamonds by price, carat, color, cut, clarity and other diamond specifications. Once you select your ideal diamond, you can buy the diamond directly from the retailer’s site.

While making a purchase online, our minds are mostly consumed with thoughts like how to buy a diamond ring, how much does it cost to buy a diamond, is the diamond I am purchasing real, or where is the best place to buy a diamond ring? Typically, when searching for a highly valuable item like a diamond, a good and reliable source to compare diamond prices is essential. offers that dependability and is the best place to buy a diamond online.

We are here to assist you in purchasing the perfect diamond from the most trusted online jewelers.

Customer Testimonials

Most guys don't know where to start when it comes to buying the rock. takes the mystery out of the process...Easy! -BRIDES Magazine

The website is very easy to use…..Gone are the days of standing in jewellery stores for hours while sales associates convince you that you need bigger and more expensive jewellery than what you came there for!-Jaime Zewe

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't about to sit on this website for the next hour - it's such a great idea!-Carolyn T.

What a great site! Not your everyday website, quite unique looking.-Anita Kennett

Wow! Beautiful diamonds. I was getting excited just browsing!-Liz Bishop

This site is absolutely amazing! Accessible, simple, yet unique!-Ayana Pendergrass

The site is easy to use and I really enjoyed browsing. I had been frustrated by other sites that were hard to navigate, so it was very nice to find such an easy site to use.-Jennifer Herman

I love how easy it is to use.-Cylina Williams