Engagement Rings

The two most prevalent names that instantly pop into our minds when we think about perfect engagement rings are solitaire and halo engagement rings. However, the ultimate choice depends on you and your personal preferences. Moreover, this blog will be a booster that will help you decide which one to choose! So, without wasting much time, let’s start!

Why Solitaire Engagement Rings?

  • Solitaire puts all the attention on the center diamond. If you have a high-quality diamond and want to flaunt it, a solitaire setting is the way to go!
  • They are incredibly versatile and never go out of style. They can complement any outfit, and owing to their simplicity, they can remain fashionable for longer.
  • Solitaire rings are budget-friendly in their halo design, which allows you to allocate more of your budget to the high-quality loose diamonds.

Why Halo Engagement Rings?

  • The tiny diamonds surrounding the center stone create a dazzling effect, making it sparkle more intensely. Furthermore, if you like a lot of bling, the halo is the perfect setting!
  • Halo gives the illusion of a larger-sized diamond, giving you more bangs for your buck.
  • Halo rings come in various styles, from vintage and ornate to modern and minimalist. So, you can choose from diverse options.

Choosing The Right One?

After knowing the basic features of both, it’s time to make the final decision.

  • Consider Your Style-

Think about your style and personality. Are you drawn to classic simplicity or bold, dazzling design?

  • Budget-

Determine your budget and how you want to allocate it to both. While solitaire can allow for a higher-quality diamond, halo settings add a more sparkling effect.

  • Gemstone Preferences-

Decide if you want to incorporate a colored gemstone or just a plain diamond color. For colored gemstones, the halo is a choice, while for white gemstones-the solitaire engagement ring is a way to go!

  • Symbolism-

Consider the symbolism behind each style and choose the one that resonates with your relationship.

Lastly, try both of them and see how they look on your hands. For this, it’s not mandatory to visit a jewelry shop. You can even try them on your hands.

For this, there are plenty of online platforms available, yet the most reputed one among those is Diamond Hedge.

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