Every bride desires a beautiful diamond ring on her big day, so to the dear groom, give her the perfect diamond engagement ring with the assistance of all the facts we’re providing.

How much does a 1-carat diamond cost?

The cost of a 1 carat diamond ring depends on the weight of the diamond. As you go for the higher weighted one, the rate is gradually increased. Therefore, a round 1 carat H-VS1 diamond price is approximately $4,615 or even more, according to its weight and quality.

In some cases, the weight may increase, but the price doesn’t.  This is because the quality (ie color, cut, or clarity) of the +1 carat diamond may have decreased, so the price of the 1 carat and the +1 carat are the same.

Let me tell you a secret, due to the diamond pricing chart, look for a diamond with weight classification of 0.90-0.99 carats.  The person looking at the ring will not be able to let the difference between a 0.90ct and a 1ct diamond since they are so close in price, but the you can save hundreds of dollars finding a stone in that range.

Size of a 1 carat diamond

A 1ct round diamond is approximately 6.5 millimeters in diameter. This is the size of a round-shaped diamond that is cut to ideal proportions. Other patterns and shapes may have a larger or smaller surface. For example, pear, oval, and marquise diamonds have a larger surface, whereas a asscher or princess cut may be smaller, around 5.5-millimeter in size.

These may seem small to you, but a 1carat diamond ring is quite large to draw interest and attention. The 1 carat diamond size is always eye-catching, and it is 6.5mm, to be precise.

Keep these things in mind while purchasing

  • Compare many settings and prices before finalizing your favorite 1-carat diamond ring.
  • Always make sure that the cut on the diamond is ideal or excellent and/or certified GIA. This kind of cut often maximizes the glitter, brightness, and flame of your diamond. Diamond-Cut is has the largest impact on a diamond’s prevailing glamour and shine.
  • For your engagement ring, choose a high-quality setting that complements your skin tone, which might be in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.
  • Take advice from any proficient individual in the field that you trust

Most expensive diamond shapes

Round diamonds are generally one of the most costly diamond shapes; the cushion shaped and princess shaped ones are less costly than a round cut diamond.  You can actually compare how much a 1 carat diamond in different shapes will cost by doing a diamond search.

How can one make a 1 carat diamond ring look larger?

By using a few tricks, you can definitely make your ring look larger.

  • Buy a fancy shape

Fancy shapes are any shape besides a round diamond.  Shapes like oval, marquise, or emerald can certainly give an appearance that the size of the diamond is bigger than its original weight.

  • Halo Setting

The reason why a halo setting was invented was to make the center stone appear larger by putting smaller diamonds around the center stone.

  • Find extraordinary stones 

A diamond with an Ideal cut or Excellent cut can actually make the diamond appear larger than it really is.

  • A thin metal band

A thinner band gives the appearance that the diamond is larger. The contrary is valid for a larger band, similarly.

How to get the best value for your 1 carat diamond ring?

Our main aim to publish this article is to assist you in getting the best value of the ring. Thus, you should find an exceptional ring without paying an exceptional price.

If you wish to know the diamond is exactly what the dealer says, make sure it comes with GIA or AGS certificate. These are respected grading entities.

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