Few people wish for a modest engagement ring, most of them desire their engagement ring to look as stylish and abundant as possible. When seeing one’s budget to formulate the diamond engagement ring of their fantasies, there are enough ways to enhance a ring’s wow factor without ascending in carat quantity and also one does not need to pay extra.

If you’re wondering how to make a ring larger, we are here with some specialized pointers and tricks to design the ring of your dreams. Here are ten ways with which you can make your engagement ring look larger.

10 Ways to Make Diamond Engagement Ring Look Bigger

1- Go for unique shapes and not for the round one

In the old times, diamond rings weren’t stylish and if they were, the only one’s your grandparents or parents ever paid for were the round ones. The round diamond is known to be an immensely familiar pattern, and yet they’re moreover the most expensive. The reason behind that is they are problematic to trim from the rough diamond rock and this arises creating large demolition. Instead, go for a shape that captivates sights and ultimately pay less.

We suggest an oval one would be perfect, it always looks larger for the same carat weight.


2- Prefer a thin band 

The broader your ring band, the smaller the diamond looks. If you prefer a thin band it will help to make diamond look larger.Going for a thin band, mainly one that narrows as it goes towards the center stone will help make the center diamond look larger.  Contrarily, the thinner the band, the enormous and more attractive the diamond will seem. For that justification, one of the extensively prominent styles is called the Whisper Thin engagement ring.

A soft band truly allows your diamond’s grandness and shine to take the center spotlight, while also giving rise to it looking bigger.


3- Go for a Brighter Band

Exactly like expanding tons of reflectors to a small house will make it look enormous, similarly using a luminous white metal band makes any stone look larger.

One of the brightest and flickering valuable metals for one’s engagement ring is the 18k white gold. The ring will be coated in a slim layer of an extremely tough component called ‘rhodium’, it helps the gold from getting cut or scratched, and it is incredibly white and glossy.


4- Low color and clarity is unnoticed 

Dissimilarly to diamond cut, the color of the diamond and the clarity doesn’t have any impact on how large the diamond looks.

If the only thing that matters is the size, you could maximize your diamond budget by taking off a bit low in the diamond’s color and clarity.


5- Pick a halo setting 

Choosing a diamond ring with a halo setting for your engagement is a wonderful aspect to make your ring look larger than it truly is without spending more money on the center diamond.

Certain settings can make diamonds look bigger. Going for a halo setting can furthermore make a diamond appear larger, as it expands the diameter and enhances a ton of additional sparkle in the diamond.


6- Do not cut corners on the Cut

Many people think to make the stone look enormous as feasible; just focus on the carat and not the cut.  That is not entirely the right way to selecting the best center stone.   The well cut diamond will actually make the diamond look larger than a poor cut diamond because more light is reflected from a well cut diamond.   The cut is considered to be the most important of the 4 C’s.


7- Slim prongs could help 

Thinking of getting a solitaire ring setting?

Try to look for a setting with thinner or slimmer prongs, that wraps around the diamond.

This will enable more of the diamond to be shown, thus making it appear larger.  Go with four prongs, instead of six, which will permit additional light to penetrate and reflect off the diamond.


8- Shapes to go for

Are you wondering which diamond shapes look the largest per carat?

Here is a straightforward response.





Oval is the closest to a round cut diamond


9- Make sure to keep your ring clean 

The cleaner the ring, the more it sparkles and shines.  Thus, the larger it tends to look.

You can also go to get it professionally cleaned every six months.  If cleaning your home, you could use warm water, soap or a soft toothbrush.


10- Buy from a trusted retailer 

Last but not the least, understanding and knowing where you could shop for your perfect dream ring can give rise to an enormous discrepancy regarding how happy you will be with your engagement ring.

The retailer you trust and believe can guide you get your dream ring at the best price.

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