So, before buying a diamond engagement ring for your loved one, let’s learn more about diamond pricing.

How is a diamond rated? 


Carat is the weight of the diamond.  The heavier the diamond, the higher the price.  Since the year 1913, the worldwide standard has been 200 milligrams or one-fifth of a gram.


Round is the most expensive shape.  Princess, Oval, Cushion, Emerald, Marquise, Heart, Pear, Asscher, Trapeze and more are frequently referred to as ‘fancy shapes’.


The presence of yellow and brown color could diminish the diamond price. The outstanding quality is discerned in the colorless of a diamond. 

The various natural colors in a diamond are white, black, steel grey, blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, green, purple, brown etc. 

Cut grade: 

To understand how a diamond reflects light, the cut grade is said to be its most significant character. This character tells you how much sparkle a diamond will have.   


Clarity is graded on the marks in and out of any diamond.  There are natural inclusions a diamond will have. 


The symmetry in stone is analysed and the price is determined how well the symmetry is of a diamond.  

GIA Diamond 

The term GIA stands for “Gemological Institute of America”. It’s an organization focusing not on profit but solely on the exploration and education of gemstones and gem jewellery. 

Since the year 1931, the GIA is said to be a steering authority on all aspects associated with a gem. The GIA is accountable for the improvement of some of the enormous creations in the jewellery industry, consisting of the gemological microscope and the diamond grading procedure. 

GIA Diamond Report

The GIA Diamond Report is a warranty of integrity and tells you the quality of a loose diamond

The GIA certificate allows you to have the confidence that the diamond authentic and real.

Diamond price 

Here is an example of diamond pricing chart:

• The 0.50 carat GIA diamond- cost you between $1,100 – $7,680.

• The 0.75 carat GIA diamond- cost you between the range of $1,810 – $8,890.

• The 1.00 carat GIA diamond- cost you between the range of $1,910 – $15,640.

• The 1.50 carat GIA diamond- cost you between the range of $2,980 – $22,330.

• The 2.00 carat GIA diamond- cost you between the range of $4,020 – $42,180.

• The 3.00 carat GIA diamond- cost you between the range of $6,180- $50,050.

• The 4.00 carat GIA diamond- cost you between the range of $7,570 – $68,120. 

• The 5.00 carat GIA diamond- cost you between the range of $8,430 – $70,360. 

With the wide pricing range, you can see there is more than just the carat size that goes into the pricing of a diamond.  


GIA is the standard in the diamond industry. When they rate and grade a diamond they utilize hi-tech equipment to discern if a diamond natural or artificial, so the consumer can rest assure the diamond is real. 

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