Kim Kardashian is one of the highest-paid celebrities and is known for her luxurious lifestyle and eccentric wardrobe. Before the divorce, Kanye West gifted her a 20 carat emerald-cut diamond ring. It is reported that Kim Kardashian diamond ring cost around $8 million. However, Kanye originally gifted her a 15-carat cushion cut engagement ring in 2013, which was around $1.3 million at that time.

Kim Kardashian engagement ring

The 15 carat cushion cut diamond ring was the first ring Kanye gifted her. Kanye proposed to Kim in San Francisco with the beautiful ring. Its stunning design and extraordinary shape added beauty to Kim’s luxurious diamond collection. 

The Kim Kardashian’s ring was designed by celebrity designer Lorraine Schwartz. Hence, it was obvious the particular design gained media headlines. The ring is flawless and the diamond is categorized with a rating of a D color. Hence, the diamond is absolutely clean and flawless. 

Rating of the Diamond

It is estimated only 0.001% of diamonds are found to be flawless. Also, the color rating of D signifies that the diamond is fully white. Even if you do an analysis with a 10x magnifying loop, you will not find any color. 

The cost of the Diamond Ring 

The cost of the diamond depends upon various factors such as clarity, color, color, and cut. There are various D diamonds that you can afford, but they will be smaller in size and other aspects. Some examples of D colored diamonds are Koh-i-Noor, Lesedi La Rona, and Cullinan which are transparent and elegant at the same time. 

It is still very difficult to estimate the real value of Kim’s diamond ring. However, the “International Gem Society” puts the value of D colored diamonds of 5 carats at around $620,000.

The Robbery

The ‘second engagement ring’ that Kanye gifted to Kim was stolen when a robber stormed into Kim’s Hotel room Paris. Along with the ring, the thief robbed other several costly belongings and jewelry and spared her life. However, some of the details are still not available around the robbery and especially the engagement ring.

The Special Second Kim Kardashian Ring   

The second ring Kanye gifted Kim was again from Loraine Schwartz. However, it is very difficult to find the exact description of the ring but is obvious that the second ring was larger than the previous one. Also, it has no color difference just like the previous one. 

The diamond is flawless and has no inclusions that catches the same attention from the media. Kim also shared a picture of the dazzling ring on her finger on Instagram. It is a flawless emerald cut diamond with no inclusions with slightly trimmed corners.

With the beautiful crystalline shape, and the brilliance in the craft makes it look amazing. And the sparkle of the ring is also very subtle and noticeable. The shape of the diamond is kind of rectangular that accentuates the overall look.

Tips to Buy A Similar Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 

If you are fascinated by the style of Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring and plan on buying a similar ring, then follow these steps-

  • Look for emerald cut diamonds from D to H color
  • When you see with the naked eye, there must be no inclusions
  • Always buy diamonds that are certified with GIA or AGS
  • Look for clarity from IF to VS2

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