3 Secrets for Getting An Engagement Ring

A diamond engagement ring is the third largest purchase the average person will make in their lifetime (behind a house and a car).  A one-carat diamond can cost a few thousand dollars to over $15,000. Most people have heard of the “4 Cs” of a diamond – carat, cut, clarity, and color, but don’t understand how these factors impact the pricing and look of a stone. It’s a stressful process searching for an engagement ring but here are 3 great tips when shopping for an engagement ring:

Engagement Ring with Diamond. Jewelry background


If you are looking for a 2-carat or 1-carat diamond, one trick is to buy a stone that is slightly lower than the whole number (i.e. consider getting a 1.9 carat or 0.9 carat stone). Visually, no one will be able to tell the difference between a 2 carat or 1.9 carat stone when it’s set in the ring. In addition, you can save a few hundred dollars by doing this.

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CUT is better than CARAT

Focus more on the diamond Cut rather than on the Carat size. I know girls only care about the Carat size but a diamond gets its sparkle or brilliance from the type of Cut it has, not the Carat size. A smaller Carat diamond can actually look larger if it was cut well. The Cut of a diamond is a very important measure of quality, so make sure not to skim on the Cut quality.      Try to purchase the highest Cut grade within your budget. You can go a little lower on the Color grade because once the diamond is set onto the ring, no one can tell the difference between an F color or an H color diamond.

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Since buying an engagement ring is a large purchase, you’re going to do some comparison shopping (and you should). A site that will make your life easier is www.diamondhedge.com. They have all the large diamond retailers on one site. You have the ability to compare thousands of diamonds in seconds. Diamond Hedge partnered up with the top diamond companies in the world and can help narrow down your selection for the perfect diamond. They provide a platform to compare diamonds by price, carat, color, cut, clarity and other diamond specifications. It has one of the largest diamond selections in the world and it’s easy to use. This will save you a lot of time (and the headache) of going to each individual site and putting in your criteria each and every time.

Shopping on-line for a diamond can save you 25%-40% compared to buying from a brick and mortar store (sites like bluenile.com or ratini.com) Keep in mind that no two diamonds in the world are the same; the “4 C’s” may be the same but the table percentage, depth percentage or fluorescence will be different. This site is a great way to explore your options and to know you will be getting the best price for the diamond you are looking for.  Diamond Hedge is the smart way to shop for diamonds.


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