You might think that when it comes to engagement rings, bigger is better, but this is, in fact, not always the case. And it is not only because small diamonds are cheaper (that is not always true) or to save pennies, although it can certainly be an issue for some couples. Let us look at some of the other reasons for preferring a smaller engagement ring over a larger one.

An engagement ring is customarily worn all the time, and big stones – which need strong, sturdy settings – can start to get in the way very quickly. Wearing gloves in winter can be problematic, the prominent stone can catch on handbags, pockets, clothing and more, and it can also scrape and scratch anything that it comes into contact with: other people, the wearer, and any glassware that is carefully being washed by hand can end up with welts from an oversized stone.

Quite apart from damage to others, the stone in an overly large ring can get damaged, making it look unappealing and losing a great deal of its value in one fell swoop. Diamonds are famously very strong, but they are also quite brittle and have low tensile strength – this means that while they can cut through glass, they can also shatter just like it under the wrong conditions.

Small does not necessarily mean cheap, as mentioned above. A single carat of a perfect D or E rated diamond set into a white gold or platinum band can be far more expensive than a three-carat fancy brown diamond that is rated VS1. Brown is used in the example as it is one of the least popular colors for a diamond, despite them being rare stones, and not at all unattractive – this makes them relatively cheap as jewelers are keen to move them along and make some kind of return on their investment rather than keep the stone on their books.

A lot of people find big flashy engagement rings to be a little bit tasteless and boastful. A small elegant ring, with a single, very good quality diamond is much more to their taste, and they are much more comfortable showing off small tasteful engagement rings than larger more eye-catching ones.

Finally, having a small discreet engagement ring allows for a lot more freedom in teaming it with other jewelry to create a signature look. Large diamonds draw the eye, and are best worn with an otherwise minimalist look, teamed with a simple black dress and no other jewelry in order to not look overdone. However, with a smaller engagement ring, you can indulge your taste for jewelry sets: matching necklace, brooch, earrings, and bracelet, for example, without worrying about what to do about the engagement ring making a distraction.

Do not be afraid to follow your heart: if a small engagement ring suits your lifestyle and tastes, make sure your partner knows and understands your thinking, so anyone who feels moved to comment on the small size of the stone or subtle setting of the ring can quickly be put right as to their misconceptions. After all: small but mighty is also a valid saying!

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