Cushion Cut Diamonds

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The cushion cut diamond is one of most popular diamond shapes. It is a timeless choice for an engagement ring with it’s softened square or rectangular shape. It’s similar to a princess diamond but with rounded corners like a pillow, hence the name.    The cushion cut ring has an excellent eye-catching brilliance, which offers a classic look with a modern twist.  There has been a huge increase in popularity for the cushion cut diamond in recent time.  This ring is well known for their soft, pillow-like shape which appeals to a lot of people.  Top Cushion Cut Diamond Rings: Old Mine Cut: Old mine is also called antique cushion cut.  They are usually like an oval diamond but not as rounded.     2. Cushion Modified: This is the modern cushion cut diamond.  This type of cushion as an extra row of facets just below the girdle, and can have crushed iced appearance in it. […]

Top Places to Buy Diamonds While on Holiday in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is a city of luxury and class. For visitors interested in taking a piece of Las Vegas back home with them, diamonds are a great option. As this city is known for being the marriage capital of the world, there are a variety of jewelers to visit. The key is knowing where to find the best quality diamonds in town while also still enjoying your vacation in the city. So, let’s take a look at the top places to buy diamonds while spending a holiday in Las Vegas. Huntington Jewelers Huntington Jewelers is a Las Vegas homegrown jewelry store that has been around since 1950. Many of their customers head to the shop to buy certified diamonds or to have custom-made jewelry designed. They also have ready-made engagement rings, diamond pendants and diamond earrings available. The American Gem Society notes that they are an accredited gem lab that […]

Princess Cut Engagement Ring – Diamond Buying Guide

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Princess cut diamonds were first called ‘Profile cut’and introduced in 1960 by A. Nagy of London. The current ‘princess cut’ diamond was created by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz around 1980, which had a more of a square shape than the profile cut. A Princess Cut diamond is considered a fancy diamond shape. Ideally, this diamond shape comes in square or rectangular cut, usually having 57 to 58 facets. This cut is considered the second most popular diamond shape, after the round cut diamond. Features: It is the square version of the brilliant round cut diamond, comes with a typical ratio of 1.0 to 1.05. Its pyramidal shape is popular for both solitaire engagement rings and earrings. It is also referred as Square Modified Brilliant or Rectangular Modified Brilliant. Although the princess diamond looks bigger than the round diamond, it typically has a bit less sparkle. These are more affordable […]

Round Cut Engagement Ring – Diamond Buying Guide

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Are you looking to buy a round cut diamond ring? Take a deep breathe and relax, we’re going to help you find the perfect round cut diamond.  Your partner is going to wear a diamond ring for a long time, and it is very important to choose the right diamond. About Round Cut Diamonds Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape because it maximizes the diamond’s brilliance & sparkle. A Round cut diamond has 58 facets and contains a large percentage of the stone’s original weight. It has a symmetrical shape, which shows the diamond’s natural fire, brilliance, and sparkle.  Things to Remember When Buying A Round Diamond Ring Before you buy a round cut diamond, make sure you check the clarity grade. A clarity grade is based on the number of imperfections found internally and externally in the stone.  You want to get a diamond that has a […]

Jennifer Lopez and All Her Engagement Rings

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Jennifer Lopez and Her Engagement Ring Tales Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as JLo does not need an introduction! She is so famous for her work (and private life) that every household in the world knows who she is. As she is an established singer and actress in Hollywood, anyone would woe her with expensive gifts and favors. She started off her journey as a dancer and later on established her worth in this competitive industry. On the professional front, she manages singing, dancing, acting and producing as well. But when it comes to her personal life, there is a lot to talk about. She has had five engagements, which means five engagement rings! Here are the details behind those amazing engagement rings!  On her engagement with Ojani Noa This was the first time JLo walked down the aisle. She married Ojani Noa in the year 1997 who was a restaurateur […]

Ethically Sourced Diamonds and Conflict-Free Diamonds: Know The Difference

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When diamonds are mined, it goes through a lot of stages before it reaches the customer. Diamonds goes through the hands of many merchants and there are some diamonds which are unethically sourced and are not conflict-free. These diamonds may drag the buyers into trouble and thus one needs to know the details of ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds, and prevent any mishandling of diamonds while buying, which we will discuss below.   Ethically sourced diamonds Ethical diamonds are diamonds that have fair humanitarian mining practices when it comes to wages and conditions when sourcing for raw diamonds.  When we talk about ethically sourced diamonds, we mean the mining and origin of the diamonds are not compromised. Even though a diamond might be extracted ethically, the next stage of the diamond might be done by people who conduct some alterations and make it impure. The diamonds that are found in […]

4 Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

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As you begin to plan your proposal, one of the most overwhelming parts of the process is buying a ring. You want your partner to love it just as much as they love you. But, fear not! We’re going to take a look at some tips to follow in order to buy the best engagement ring for your budget.   Remember the four C’s, but don’t stress over it: According to Diamond Exchange, diamond specialists grade their diamonds using these four characteristics: Cut – A well-cut diamond can look much sparklier than a lazily-cut diamond. Clarity – Clarity refers to how many blemishes and inclusions are in the diamond. Carat – Carat means the weight of the diamond. Color – The less color it has, the most expensive it is and the more it sparkles. But, the most important thing about the ring how it catches your eye. Keep the […]

Engagement Ring For That Special Person

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  “Will you marry me?” the question that brings tears of joy to her eyes. This is the perfect moment and you want the perfect engagement ring. The tradition of accompanying the proposal with a diamond engagement ring has been in existence for many years now, and this custom has been a symbol of commitment and love. A classic engagement ring is a trend that has held its place in the past and is still the first and foremost choice of many. The perfect diamond setting allows the stone to be the focal point of the ring. Various retail and online stores like Fred Meyer Jewelers and Diamond Hedge offers a variety of diamonds and rings that can help you make a perfect selection. The diamond ring signifies the love a person has for that special person. Whether you plan to surprise your love or decide to choose the ring together, diamond […]


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TOP 20 DIAMOND BUYING TIPS 1)  Buy just below whole carats (0.91ct, 1.9ct, etc.) and save hundreds or thousands of dollars. 2) Princess, Cushion, Oval, Emerald (and other fancy) shapes are generally less expensive than a Round cut diamond with the same carat weight. 3) To save money on an engagement ring, try a Mosaic setting. 4) To maximize your budget, consider an ‘Eye-Clean’ diamond (VS2 or higher), in which inclusions are invisible to the naked eye. 5) If your budget is more suited for a smaller diamond, get a Halo setting (small diamonds around the center stone).  Halo setting is a great way to make the center stone appear larger. 6) A well cut diamond can make the diamond appear larger. 7) Even if a diamond has the highest color or clarity grade, it will appear dull if the cut is poor. 8) Consider setting diamonds with a color […]

How To Buy an Diamond Ring Online

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Buying Diamond Rings online is the popular way of shopping these days. People tend to buy online because of various advantages and convenience. Here are some of the best ways to order a Diamond Ring Online: The first thing you need to do if you are buying online is to do some research on the best places or online stores to buy a diamond ring. Make sure that the source is popular and renowned. Have an idea of your budget and the type of diamond, setting, and metal you want for your diamond ring. Certified or Graded Diamonds should be the preference because graded diamonds have undergone a quality assurance test by an expert gemologist with respect to all the characteristics of the diamond affecting the quality. Compare the diamond with other retail diamond companies before buying. This way you will get the best price for the diamond ring. Some […]