Your engagement day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and having the perfect ring on that day will add more happiness to your life. It might be confusing for you to choose a ring that can stand out. There are endless designs and styles available for engagement rings, which range from modern to classic. So here in this article, we will introduce a wide array of varieties in rings that can match your style and taste. So, if you are looking for a ring to propose with or if you are a buying a ring for your better half, then this article is perfect for you.


This is the most classical and traditional engagement ring. Solitaire rings have only one center stone, which highlights its beauty. The center diamond is usually mounted with four prongs or six prongs. So, if you love to live simple, then this beautiful diamond ring is the one you need. Such types of rings never become outdated and will always be timeless.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

There is a huge demand for ring settings with fancy shaped diamonds. Fancy shaped diamonds are any diamond shape besides round, thus these stones can be in any shape such as emerald, cushion, oval or pear. Choosing such rings will reflect your unique personality, and on top of this, these fancy shaped diamonds are less costly than round diamonds.


As the name suggests, these rings are the collections of smaller diamonds, which together can reflect the same effect as that of a large stone. These types of rings can also be called ‘illusion’ rings. Such a diamond pattern is a smart way to get maximum sparkle and luster at an affordable price. You can make a cluster in two different styles; either you can choose traditional circle clusters or go with a modern asymmetrical design.

Yellow Gold

This is one of the most trending fashions of the year. Perhaps this fashion has arrived because of customers’ preference towards classic style or seeing gold rings in many friends’ fingers. Either way, these yellow gold rings have trapped customers’ attention because of their classic yet royal appearance.


This is a simple way to get a personalized ring on your finger. This technique is all about embedding small diamonds on the band. This will allow the ring to catch more light and thus more sparkle. You can also replace some of the diamonds with your child’s birthstone, giving a new and trendy look to the ring. Pave ring patterns have a feminine look and can make a simple ring look beautiful.

Halo Settings

This style has become a symbol of modern classic. There are many reasons to love this setting: this style can make your center diamond look larger, it gives a brilliance to the stone, making the ring look more luxurious and stylish. Halo settings come in a variety of different styles. Customers prefer delicate halo settings, unique silhouettes like floral halo settings, and ultra-bold halo settings.


This style is enjoying popularity for decades because of its style and elegance. From the side, the ring curves make it look like cathedral arches, and thus, the ring name arrives because of this pattern. You can use pave diamonds on the band for additional luster or keep it plain. Either way, the architectural structure of this ring makes it a perfect choice on your wedding day.

Shank and split shank style 

To make the ring more stylish, you can alter the ring’s band to get the desired customized look. There are numerous designs, but the most common is a split-shank. The band is divided into two parts on each side of the ring, keeping the diamond in the center. Such shank split can create unique designs, and more divisions can cater to an antique look to the ring, especially if it is set with pave diamonds. Moreover, the split shank can make the center diamond look larger.

Bezel Engagement Ring

This is the most secure setting for engagement rings. The center diamond is anchored with a metal border instead of raising it with prongs. This decreases the risk of scratch or a chip on the diamond. This ring setting will keep the diamond intact for years. This is because the setting doesn’t contain claws which are supposed to be checked or tightened with time.

In a nutshell

We hope that this article will help you to pick the perfect engagement ring of your choice. There are tons of diamonds available in the market, but the above information on diamonds will allow you to get customized diamond rings based on the metal and center stone.

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Have a happy diamond shopping!

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