“Will you marry me?” the question that brings tears of joy to her eyes. This is the perfect moment and you want the perfect engagement ring. The tradition of accompanying the proposal with a diamond engagement ring has been in existence for many years now, and this custom has been a symbol of commitment and love.

A classic engagement ring is a trend that has held its place in the past and is still the first and foremost choice of many. The perfect diamond setting allows the stone to be the focal point of the ring. Various retail and online stores like Fred Meyer Jewelers and Diamond Hedge offers a variety of diamonds and rings that can help you make a perfect selection.

The diamond ring signifies the love a person has for that special person. Whether you plan to surprise your love or decide to choose the ring together, diamond rings bring shine to a woman’s eyes. A perfect ring is capable of magnifying the strength of one’s love.

Here are a few things you should know before picking up the perfect solitaire for your beautiful lady.

The perfect stone

Are you aware of the 4’C?

If no, here is your guide to know what they are and why it is important to have complete information on them. The 4’C is the official diamond grading system, which is used for finding a perfect stone.

  • Cut– A Cutis the sparkle factor of a polished diamond that is graded from brilliant to poor. When a diamond is cut into a shape, it is done by using specific parameters so that surface interacts with proper light to give maximum brightness.
  • Carat – The weight or size of a diamond is measured in Carats. This is used as the standard unit while selecting any piece of jewelry.
  • Clarity– Even a perfect-looking stone can have inclusions. These minute imperfections on a stone determine its Clarity, and this is rated from flawless to inclusions.
  • Color– Diamonds come in a variety of shades, but the highest graded ones are colorless. Coloris ranked on a scale from D to Z, where D means no color and Z the yellowish.

Select the shape

A diamond is unique just like snowflakes, the type of engagement ring you choose should represent the personality of the one you are buying it for. The diamond shape represents its most distinguishable characteristic. A brief overview:

  • Round-cut: With various patterns, round-cut diamonds are known to be the most popular and preferred ones due to their brilliance and 360-degree symmetrical shape. This type reflects maximum light and sparkle.
  • Princess-cut: With its unique style, this cut is among the most popular choices for diamond rings. It is distinguished with its 90-degree corners and rectangular or square outline.
  • Oval-cut: With its extended shape, it makes the stone appear larger. If you are looking for a diamond that will complement the long and lean fingers, this cut is a perfect choice for you. Many online websites like Diamond Hedge, Fred Meyer Jewelers, etc. offer fine-cut oval shape diamonds.
  • Emerald-cut: This cut is of a rectangular shape with parallel lines framing down the side of the stone. The deep cut gives the stone plenty of reflections and that produce an alluring effect just like a hall-of-mirrors.

There are many characteristics that demonstrate the beauty of a diamond. So, you need to select a perfect ring that will represent your true love for her.

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