Round Cut Engagement Ring – Diamond Buying Guide

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Are you looking to buy a round cut diamond ring? Take a deep breathe and relax, we’re going to help you find the perfect round cut diamond.  Your partner is going to wear a diamond ring for a long time, and it is very important to choose the right diamond. About Round Cut Diamonds Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape because it maximizes the diamond’s brilliance & sparkle. A Round cut diamond has 58 facets and contains a large percentage of the stone’s original weight. It has a symmetrical shape, which shows the diamond’s natural fire, brilliance, and sparkle.  Things to Remember When Buying A Round Diamond Ring Before you buy a round cut diamond, make sure you check the clarity grade. A clarity grade is based on the number of imperfections found internally and externally in the stone.  You want to get a diamond that has a […]

5 Ways To Save Money On An Engagement Ring

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Princess. Marquise. Round brilliant. Cushion. It’s no mystery that diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The question is, which one is right for your budget? True love doesn’t come with a price tag, of course, but a romantic proposal doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. With young workers today earning 5.5 percent less (after adjusting for inflation) than they did four decades ago, according to U.S. Census data, the adage of spending two months’ salary on an engagement ring may not be an option for everyone. Couples are finding new ways to save money on rings, whether by careful stone selection or doing away with a diamond altogether. “Millennials are making getting engaged all their own,” says Brooke Brinkman, VP of marketing and communications at Simon G. Jewelry, a luxury jewelry brand that specializes in engagement and wedding rings. “While traditional engagement rings still make an […]

Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

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If you are not familiar with diamond jewelry, especially when buying a diamond engagement ring, understanding what your options are in terms of diamond shapes which are available can be confusing. Almost all diamond shapes for jewelry come in one of ten shapes, they can be either round or fancy diamond shapes: round, princess, oval, marquise, pear, cushion, emerald, asscher, radiant, and heart. Below are brief descriptions of each of these shapes.   Round: Of the ten diamond shapes for engagement rings, round is the most popular. As a result of the precise method that round diamonds are cut, this shape is able to optimize the reflection of light, which allows the maximization of potential brightness from the stone. If you are on a budget, but want options, round diamonds offers more flexibility when balancing other diamond characteristics such as cut and clarity to achieve your optimal brilliance and brightness. […]