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Are you looking to buy a round cut engagement ring? Take a deep breathe and relax, we’re going to help you find the perfect round cut diamond.  Your partner is going to wear a diamond ring for a long time, and it is very important to choose the right diamond.

About Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape because it maximizes the diamond’s brilliance & sparkle.

A Round cut diamond has 58 facets and contains a large percentage of the stone’s original weight. It has a symmetrical shape, which shows the diamond’s natural fire, brilliance, and sparkle.

Round Cut Diamond

Things to Remember When Buying A Round Cut Engagement Ring

Before you buy a round cut diamond, make sure you check the clarity grade. A clarity grade is based on the number of imperfections found internally and externally in the stone.  You want to get a diamond that has a VS2 clarity grade or better.

Color is also an important factor while purchasing the diamond ring. If you have a limited budget, you don’t have to go with a colorless diamond (grades D, E and F), you can choose a near colorless diamond that has a color grade of G or H.  Once the diamond is in the ring setting, people can’t tell if it’s colorless or near colorless (but your bank account will know the difference!).

The most important factor to understand is the cut of a round diamond.  This is the most defining characteristic of a diamond, since this is what gives a diamond its sparkle.  The cut determines the symmetry of the stone’s facets, its overall proportions, and its ability to reflect light (aka the ‘bling-bling’ effect).  The top grading lab, GIA assigns round diamonds with the following cut grades: excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor.  When you’re doing your research, you may come across the term ‘Ideal cut’ but GIA never assigns a diamond with ‘Ideal cut’ or ‘Ideal’.  The term ‘Excellent’ is the highest cut grade they assign.

Choose the Right Ring Setting

Since the round cut diamond ring is so popular, you won’t have a hard time finding a lot of ring options.  Round cut diamonds are found in four or six prong settings, it’s best to secure it with six prongs.

Also, it is very important to consider factors like cost, brilliance, and durability when choosing the right diamond cut. One should take time to look at different options & consider the size and shape of their partner’s hand.

Other Factors

The GIA assigns round cut diamonds with other grades for table percentage, depth percentage, girdle, and culet.  Below table will help you to choose the best round cut diamond based on other diamond specs.

Ideal Cut

Excellent Cut Very Good

Good – Fair

Table %

56 – 58

55 or 59

 53-54 or 60-61

Depth %

60.1 – 62.8

58.7-60.0 or 62.9-63.2

57.5-58.6 or 63.3-63.9


Thin to Slightly Thick

Thin to Slightly Thick

Thin to Thick




Very Small

Length to Width Ratio 1 – 1.01

1 – 1.01

1 – 1.02

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