What is a lab grown diamond?

You will be happy to know that diamonds created in the lab have the same physical and chemical properties as a naturally mined diamond.  The only difference is one is made by human intervention and the other one is formed naturally in the depths of earth’s core.  

Are lab-grown diamonds real?

Diamonds  made in the lab have the same optical, chemical, and physical characteristics as natural diamonds. Moreover, they also have the same fire, sparkle, and scintillation. Lab grown diamonds are made from a small portion of a natural diamond. It is very difficult to differentiate a lab-grown diamond and natural diamond with the naked eye. There is special equipment that can differentiate natural diamonds from lab-grown diamonds.  Lab-grown diamonds in the course of its manufacturing are subjected to High-Pressure High Temperature or Chemical Vapour Disposition processes. Diamonds that are created in the lab may exhibit different trace elements in comparison to natural diamonds which does not have an impact on its look and feel. 

Are Lab-grown diamonds ethically sourced?

When you purchase a lab-grown diamond you will have peace of mind knowing that you are investing your hard-earned money in a conflict-free diamond. Diamond Hedge is duly committed to ensuring that engagement rings and other jewellery information produced in its search engine are ethical. All of its lab-grown diamonds have their origin in the research facility or laboratory back in the U.S.  They take due care of their scientists and work in a healthy environment ensuring zero occupational hazards.      

Are lab-grown diamonds less expensive?

If you compare a lab grown and a natural diamond of comparable sizes and quality, then you will find that diamonds created in the lab offer a good value. If you are searching for a mining free alternative or a large stone within your budget then lab diamonds are a great choice as far as price is concerned.  One thing that you should keep in mind is the resale value which tends to differ over some time.  Lab-grown diamonds are fairly a new entrant in the jewellery market, and the uncertainty concerning future pricing is large when compared to natural diamonds. 

Are lab-grown diamonds certified?

Most of the lab-grown diamonds over 0.50ct are certified and graded by a non-profit organization of repute such as gemmological laboratories like GCAL, IGI, GIA  or EGL. 

How to buy lab-grown diamonds?

If you are searching for an alternative to a mined diamond then you can opt for a lab-grown diamond. They are completely eco-friendly and conflict-free. In other words, you are doing a world of good by investing your hard-earned money into lab grown.  When you buy a lab-grown diamond you will have the peace of mind that you going to buy diamond your partner will love.  There are some things that you must check before buying one of these synthetic beauties. If you are well aware of the facets that distinguish lab diamonds from a mined diamond then you can invest confidently. 

The first thing that you must ensure is whether the lab diamond matches the specs on the certificate.  Naturally minded diamonds often come from war-torn areas of Africa. Only lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed to conflict-free.  Next, you must ensure whether the hardness of the lab diamond is comparable to a naturally mined diamond. The hardness of a natural diamond is around 10 whereas its synthetic counterpart has a hardness of 9.5. It goes to show that both of these will comfortably cut through glass.   

Similar to natural diamonds, a lab-grown one will have a refractive index of 2.42. Hence, it becomes very hard to differentiate between the two. The measurement will allow you to know how much light the diamond can refract.  

Next, lab-grown diamonds are manually made, and this is why synthetic diamonds are so ideal. It requires dedicated effort in terms of time and labour to make them ideal for the customers.  Finally, lab-grown diamonds will cost you less than a natural diamond when it is the same size.  

If you are searching for a simple yet effective way to shop for diamonds then look no further than Diamond Hedge. Here, people can try on to diamond rings from anywhere in the world using augmented reality and compare over 1 million natural and lab grown diamonds from renowned diamond companies. Diamond Hedge is proud to partner with the top diamond companies in the world and takes pride that their collections are 100 percent ethical and conflict-free.  Diamond Hedge is the new way to shop for diamonds and rings.  

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