Princess cut diamonds were first called ‘Profile cut’and introduced in 1960 by A. Nagy of London. The current ‘princess cut’ diamond was created by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz around 1980, which had a more of a square shape than the profile cut.

A Princess cut diamond is considered a fancy diamond shape. Ideally, this diamond shape comes in square or rectangular cut, usually having 57 to 58 facets. This cut is considered the second most popular diamond shape, after the round cut diamond.

Features of Princess Cut Diamonds:

  • It is the square version of the brilliant round cut diamond, comes with a typical ratio of 1.0 to 1.05.
  • Its pyramidal shape is popular for both solitaire engagement rings and earrings.
  • It is also referred as Square Modified Brilliant or Rectangular Modified Brilliant.
  • Although the princess diamond looks bigger than the round diamond, it typically has a bit less sparkle.
  • These are more affordable than round cut diamonds.


Ideal Princess Cut Diamond


Practical Considerations for Princess Cut Diamonds


Princess-cut diamonds are less expensive than round cut diamonds. These can cost 30% less than a round of equivalent carat weight.


Princess cut diamonds are larger in size as they have large diagonal measurements.


Since the corners of a princess cut diamond are sharp, they are always protected with prongs to reduce the risk of damage.

Recommended Settings:

Princess cut diamond rings look best in a gold or platinum settings.  Since its square shaped, diamonds requires four-pronged settings.


princess cut diamond dimensions

Side View For Princess Cut Diamond

 Below table will help you to understand anatomy of a Princess Cut Diamond:

Depth Percentage Limit the depth percentage to 60-70%
Table Percentage It describes how large the top facet is. Keep the table percentage to 70% and below.
Length-to-Width Ratio Always stick to length-to-width ratios of 1.05 and below. With at least L/W ratio of 1.2, the diamond appears rectangular.
Girdle Thickness Make sure the girdle is thick enough to support prongs.
Clarity SI1 or VS2 diamond will give you eye-clean clarity. And these will come at a great price point.
Color H or I color diamond to make the most of your budget.
Polish Excellent to Good
Symmetry Excellent to Very Good
Crown Height 8 – 13 %

Princess Cut Diamond Sizes

 Princess cut diamonds look larger than most other shapes. You can see below how big a certain carat weight will look on a person’s finger.  This is one of the main reasons why princess cut engagement rings are so popular.  

princess cut diamonds


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