Diamonds and fine jewelry can last a lifetime and beyond but just as fashion changes, so too does our taste in jewelry. Many brides to be choose to incorporate diamonds and stones from their mother’s/grandmother’s jewelry in their engagement ring – a beautiful, sentimental way to mark your special day. Similarly, some people might not have had their ring that long – they just want a change!

But how do you modernize old jewelry? Here are the best ways to take a piece of jewelry and make it into something new and spectacular.

Get the Jewelry Checked

First, you need to visit a trusted jewelry who can assess the piece of jewelry. They can identify how much can be salvaged, if there are any broken stones or thinning metal and which parts of the jewelry are worth keeping.

Perhaps you love the style, it’s just a little worse for wear; in this case, a simple ring repair or jewelry repair might be the best way forward. This is one of the simpler ways to breathe new life into old jewelry and is also the least costly way to do so.

Decide What You Want Made

If your plan is to entirely revamp the piece, you need to be sure that you are happy for the ring or piece of jewelry to be taken apart. If it carries significant sentimental value to you, take some time to think about whether a full reimagining or a simple restoration would be better.

Don’t feel limited to sticking with the same piece of jewelry. A set of diamond earrings can become the ring of your dreams, a solitaire ring can become a beautiful pendant necklace – your first step is to think about exactly what you’re looking for.

A trusted jeweler will be able to keep you on the right path and tell you what is and isn’t possible.

Split it Down

Larger diamond items, such as tennis bracelets, can also be made into multiple rings. Some people choose to have their jewelry split down and re-made into matching items for their children.

Set a Budget

The sky is the limit when it comes to jewelry so setting a budget is a good idea. If your idea is to melt down the metal and reset the stones, be prepared that the cost may be more than buying a ring brand new. Often, jewelry revival is entwined with emotion, memory and sentiment rather than trying to get a bargain.

Get Creative

Once you have decided on a jeweller that you trust, you can begin working through design ideas. Be sure to outline your desires before parting with any money. Will they draw up sketches or paintings of the jewelry designs? Can they source additional diamonds and gemstones, if required? How long do you have to make changes to the final design?

Source some jewelry books or visit some jewelry and ring websites to ignite inspiration and help you create a clearer idea of what you would like made.

Enjoy the Experience

Reviving and reimagining jewelry is an exciting process, so don’t rush it. Take your time to work with your jeweller to ensure the best results for your new jewelry.


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