Diamonds are precious gemstones naturally found in several hues such as blue, red, pink, green, brown, and black to name a few. But the most popular among all is the white diamond which is often seen as a jewelry embellishment. Buying diamonds can be quite overwhelming, not only because of its prices but also because of the things that you should know when it comes to the quality of the stone.

Thereby, research and leverage online guides to help you with your purchase. The review can provide you with a good insight into some of the tips used by the experts in the diamond industry to get the best deal and value for your money. If you are keen on getting some diamonds in your hands, you need to know all about the 4Cs.

  1. Cut

The most important characteristic that you should inspect in buying a diamond is its cut. The reason behind this is that the cut of the stone is what unleashes its light, affecting its sparkle. Its shine can be affected by the proportions, symmetry, as well as the overall polish of the stone. A rare type of shine and sparkle can be seen in a diamond boasting of an octagonal-shaped cut, which is an innovative diamond polishing.

  1. Color

Another characteristic that you should assess in a diamond is its color. Ideally, the less color that a diamond possesses, the higher its grade. D color diamonds are considered to have the highest grade, but these stones are extremely rare because of their pure and icy look. E and F grades are also colorless diamonds while diamond under the G to J grades are near-colorless. The latter means that there is no longer a discernible color, yielding a high-quality stone nonetheless.

  1. Clarity

A low level of crystallization paves the way for a more valuable diamond stone because it results in a gem with greater clarity. As much as possible, lean towards diamonds which are eye clean, or those stones with imperfections too small to be seen without magnification such as slightly induced (SI) and very slightly induced (VS) grades. This will ensure that you will get a high-quality diamond stone.

  1. Carat

Finally, learn the diamond’s total carat weight because it has a significant impact on the price of the stone. Diamonds with a higher carat weight are often cut from larger rough crystals which are more difficult to find compared to small crystals. Generally, one carat is equivalent to a fifth of a gram.

To wrap things up, in buying diamonds, make sure to inspect the 4Cs which include the cut, color, clarity, and carat of the stone to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money. The cut of the stone greatly influences its sparkle while its color affects its grade. You also need to consider the clarity of the diamond as well as its carat weight. Aside from these 4Cs, the shape of the diamond, as well as its certifications may also affect its overall value.


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