Choosing the right diamond and diamond engagement ring is the third largest purchase a person may do – no matter whether online or at a physical store – is a difficult thing to do.  Most people do not know what to look for in a good diamond, and there are many misconceptions! You will be able to spend your budget on the quality diamond it’s more important for you

Gladly, we are here to help you. Since I bought the first diamond for my fiancé diamonds have become a huge passion of mine! I am running this blog to help you out with any problem you might have concerning your diamond purchase!

Choose your diamond and diamond engagement ring

Choosing a diamond and a diamond engagement ring is big task for couples who are getting engaged soon. Here are some methods that will really help you to find right diamond engagement ring.

  1. Choose Your Diamond Shape

Where to start, finding right shape she likes. There are many popular diamond shapes that include Round, Marquee, Pear Oval, heart, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, and Radiant. Based on supply and majority most of engagement ring today round and princess cut diamond.

  1. Choose Your Diamond Size

When choosing a diamond size, keep in mind that a carat is actually a unit of weight, but it can be used as an approximation for the size of a diamond. But most people start with size.

  1. Learn about quality and the Four Cs of Diamond

Diamonds can be very confusing. You might be faced with two diamonds, which looks exactly the same and have exactly the same size, yet one diamond is only $2.000 and the other diamond is $5.500.

There might be subtle differences in diamonds regarding the clarity and color for instance, which you would not notice with your bare eyes. There are premium features in a diamond like the highest color and clarity grades, which demand very high prices.

Know about premium feature

  • Cut

The Cut gives a diamond its sparkle and its ability to reflect light and shine, also called brilliance.

  • Carat

The weight of the diamond

  • Clarity

Clarity is usually the characteristic determined last, given it has the least impact on a diamond’s appearance also highest grades are FL-IF, which means Flawless/Internally Flawless.

  • Color

The other main quality characteristics to decide are the color of your diamond. Colorless diamonds are most highly valued and are priced accordingly. For the best value, choose a colorless or near-colorless


To make sure you are getting the best diamond on the market, make sure to compare diamonds from store to store, or from site-to-site. allows you to do this on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

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