Where’s the best place to buy loose diamonds?

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The first thing to understand is that if you are about to buy loose diamonds, do some research about the source of the diamond. Make sure that the diamond store or site is popular and trustworthy. Also make sure you are buying a certified diamond. Certified diamonds are tested and quality checked by an expert gemologist in the laboratory to assure the consumer gets a quality diamond. One of the best places to buy diamonds at the lowest price is from online jewelry companies.  Online platforms provide high-quality diamonds at most competitive prices. One of the most renowned and trustable online sites to buy quality loose diamonds is Diamond Hedge. Diamond Hedge is the only company in the world using Augmented Reality Technology allowing consumers to try on diamond rings on their hands and then compare them from over 1 million diamonds from all the leading diamond companies of the […]

Diamond Facts

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1. Diamonds are formed of one element (i.e. carbon). Presence of any other element will affect it’s color and clarity. 2. Diamonds are formed deep inside the earth at 6,420 degrees. 3. Diamonds are the hardest natural material, and are ranking at number 10 in Mohs scale of hardness. 4. Diamonds are formed and found in a rainbow of colors depending upon its chemical composition. 5. The beautiful diamonds you have in your rings were actually dull and rough stones. Rough stones found from earth undergoes cutting and polishing which turns the rough stone into shiny and elegant diamond. 6. Cut, color, clarity and carat weight are the most defining characteristics of the diamonds which affects the appearance, elegance and overall cost of the diamond. 7. Diamonds have high refractive index and are poor conductors of electricity.   Diamond Hedge allows people to compare diamonds over 1 million diamonds from all […]

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

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What do girls look for in a diamond engagement ring? Well, that all depends on the girl! There are some girls who want it all, a large sparkly diamond, with exceptional cut and clarity that is internally flawless. These are the type of girls that know a superior diamond, and can spot an inferior quality a mile away. Large diamonds that have the highest grade of flawlessness of course are the most expensive. So how do you please your future fiancé if she is this type of girl? Well first, be realistic about your budget. If the sky is the limit, then buy the best diamond that money can buy! Unfortunately, most people are not so lucky, and for those who do have a budget, it is better to sacrifice the size of the diamond for the quality of the diamond. Also, it is important to note that certain diamond […]