The trend for diamond engagement rings in 2020 will be ‘Fancy’ cut diamonds. ‘Fancy’ cut means non-round shape diamonds such as Oval cut diamonds. Many celebrities, including Julianne Hough, Katharine McPhee, Kandi Buruss, Whitney Port, Teresa Palmer, Blake Lively, Hailey Bieber, and Sarah Hyland were engaged with the oval-shaped engagement ring. Oval and Pear shaped diamond rings were also widely searched rings in 2019.

Oval cut diamonds are cross between round brilliant and pear-shaped diamond but it has no sharp corners. Oval cut contains 58 facets just like a round cut which gives it excellent fire and sparkle.  Due to the fancy and elongated shape, almost all oval cut diamonds have a visible bow-tie effect. Basically, the bow-tie effect is the shadow that runs along the width of the diamond and forms a dark shape that looks like a bow-tie.

The Oval cut diamond engagement ring puts a nice touch of elegance on the finger and they can make your finger look thinner and longer, and it’s lower in price compared to a Round cut diamond of the same color, clarity and carat weight which is always a plus!

You can find a 1.3ct Oval cut diamond on Diamond Hedge for $2,043 (hint: it may get sold very quickly)

Below are a few settings that go well with an Oval cut diamond.

Neil Lane Engagement Ring

Blue Nile Studio Oval Vintage Fleur de Lis Halo Engagement Ring

Blue Nile Studio East-West Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Jared Diamond Engagement Ring

Overall, oval cut diamond engagement ring is the best option if you want a larger and high-quality stone with some extra sparkle at an affordable price. A timeless engagement ring is the best and safe option for many people but you can try something different by choosing a trending engagement ring. If you are looking for other timeless but trending engagement rings, you can buy a Princess cut engagement ring. Oval shape engagement ring can save you money but a round cut engagement ring is the ideal choice when price is not an issue.

One of the most renowned and trusted online sources to buy quality loose diamonds is Diamond Hedge. Diamond Hedge is the first Augmented Reality diamond search engine to allow consumers to try on diamond rings on their hands from anywhere and then compare from over 1 million diamonds from all the leading diamond companies of the world.  They provide high quality loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings at the most competitive prices.

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