The cushion cut ring has an excellent eye-catching brilliance, which offers a classic look with a modern twist.  There has been a huge increase in popularity for the cushion cut diamond in recent time. 

This ring is well known for their soft, pillow-like shape which appeals to a lot of people. 


Top Cushion Cut Diamond Rings:

  1. Old Mine Cut:

Old mine is also called antique cushion cut.  They are usually like an oval diamond but not as rounded.    

2. Cushion Modified:

This is the modern cushion cut diamond.  This type of cushion as an extra row of facets just below the girdle, and can have crushed iced appearance in it.

3. Cushion Brilliant:

This type of a cushion diamond has larger & fewer facets, and has a sparkle more comparable to a round brilliant. It comes normally with a 1.10-1.25 length to width ratio. 


Cushion Cut Vs. Princess Cut:

Both cushion cut diamond engagement rings & princess cut engagement rings ring offer a square center focal point to the engagement ring settings. Cushion cut diamonds feature soft, rounded edges whereas princess cut diamonds offer a more modern and geometric look to engagement rings. Elongated cushion cut diamonds have much more shine/luster making them a popular choice for a diamond shape.

Cushion Cut Diamonds – Pros & Cons


  1. The diamond shape can have a high level of brilliance and fire.
  2. It offers a unique shape for a more personalized engagement ring.
  3. Diamond shape has rounded edges, giving it a softer look than a princess cut diamond
  4. It is less expensive per carat than Round Cut engagement rings.


  1. Need to really understand the length-to-width ratio (L/W) to get an idea of the shape of the cushion cut diamond.
  2. Can’t tell from a diamond certificate whether the diamond has a “crushed ice” look.

How To Choose Cushion Cut Diamond Ring:

  • It is recommended to choose color grade of H or better.
  • You might notice a significant price jump between each color grade.
  • Always stick to SI1 Clarity or better for the best value. You might have to pay a bit extra for a higher clarity stone.
  • Below are Cut Parameters for Cushion Cut Diamonds:
    • Depth: Under 65%
    • Table: Under 65%
  • Polish/Symmetry: Good, Very Good, or Excellent
  • If one of the diamonds has a medium girdle, and the other diamond has an extremely thick girdle, it is recommended to buy the one with the medium girdle.
Cushion Cut Diamond engagement ring

Buy Cushion Cut Diamond Online:

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